ESI’s expertise in the field of event logistics brought us recognition as a major player in the industry and allowed us to be named official partner at numerous fairs, congresses, exhibitions and other events all year long, in France and abroad.

From product pickup to onsite delivery, we take care of the entire logistical service, whether it takes place on national territory or anywhere in the world.

ESI is able to receive goods from all lines of business (industry, consumer goods, works of art etc.) on any exhibition site (exhibition parks, convention and congress centers, hotels, private buildings etc.) in Paris and beyond. We are located on the very exhibition sites of VILLEPINTE, PORTE DE VERSAILLES, at the PALAIS DES CONGRES (Porte Maillot), or at the PALAIS DES FESTIVALS in Cannes. The company’s internal teams and solid network of subcontractors allow us to provide event organizers with up to 150 experts per event.

At the international level, our strength lies in a vast network of experts, specialized in exhibition and artwork transportation, transportation of sets and shows, and industrial or cultural project logistics. To date, our network includes over 150 members recognized as the best specialists in customized transportation and event logistics in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, South America and Africa.