FAQ document

Firstly, we need to know the age of this sculpture; is it a contemporary work or a cultural object? Is the recipient a gallery, a museum or a private individual?

Then, it is important that this sculpture is properly packaged for export, in a wooden crate created for this purpose.

Finally, we need to know where exactly the delivery needs to be made in Los Angeles? (Street number/floor/accessibility/etc.)

On receiving this information, ESI will decide on the appropriate method of transport (road or plane) and after agreement from the local customs authorities (given according to the exact nature of the work), we can proceed with shipping.

ESI is indeed able to provide a “turnkey” service, as part of an exhibition in Japan. From the collection of your products directly from your premises to delivery to the stand, ESI ensures the following services:

  • Packaging
  • Packaging, weighing, labelling
  • Shipping & temporary exportation formalities
  • Land/air/sea shipments
  • Customs clearance at place of destination
  • Transfer to exhibition site
  • Handling and delivery to the stand
  • Removal and storage of empty packaging
As part of transportation to Turkey, goods travel under a TIR carnet, which is a paper customs document stamped by the customs authorities when leaving the European borders, then by the customs of each border until the customs terminal at the place of destination.

All shipments cleared from customs worldwide must be subject to a preliminary review based on the following documents:

  • Sales contract with your client
  • Detailed packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Nature and customs codes of goods

Firstly, let ESI know of the exact packing list of the goods to be shipped: dimensions – weight – diagram of the machine for a feasibility study and so that transport authorisations can be established; in fact, each of the countries crossed must provide passing authorisation for a wide load and impose a route to be respected in that country.

It should be pointed out that obtaining transport authorisations can take between 3 to 5 weeks, and it is very important to take this into account when considering the delivery schedule.

Contact ESI around 2 months before the opening of the exhibition: this will allow you to opt for marine shipping if the volume of your shipment requires it. Once the type of transport has been chosen, one of our consultants can advise you: depending on the category of your products and the type of exportation to be carried out (definitive/temporary), we will let you know which documents need to be filled out, as well as the shipment schedules to be followed.

We will take care of the rest: from the collection of your package at your premises to delivery to your stand in Singapore, Shanghai, etc. We will take care of the entire logistics service, in coordination with our local partners.

We can take care of your move from A to Z: your employees won’t need to worry about the different customs formalities, nor about the transportation of their personal belongings. A good move involves making sure that your employees still have good working conditions, allowing them to keep bearings and integrate themselves more easily into their new world of work.

If your work(s) of art require increased surveillance, we will ensure the implementation of armed escorts in direct collaboration with local authorities.

If your products are not covered by a “floater insurance”, ESI can take care of providing you with comprehensive insurance on your behalf, allowing you to plan your next shipment for any fair or exhibition worldwide with peace of mind, which will cover you for the duration of your tour or move.

Every client is unique to ESI and requires a personalised logistics solution which meet their needs, in terms of deadlines, costs, the care given to packaging and the handling of their products.